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Advanced Exercises for PLC Structured Text with Codesys

This tutorial is a series of exercises that will give you practice programming a PLC in Structured Text using Codesys.  Each exercise is accompanied by a Visualization (pictorial view of the exercise), and custom Image Pool so you can "see things move" as a result of the programs you write. The variables and instructions for each exercise are given so you can build the Visualization and test the program.  Then you are asked to make various modifications to the control system.  The answer to each modification is provided if you need help.

This tutorial assumes you have completed my tutorial entitled PLC Structured Text with Codesys  or otherwise have a working knowledge of Codesys and how to launch it, start a new structured text program, create a Visualization, and run a program in Simulation mode.  It also assumes you know the basics of how to program:

Table of Contents


              1   Introduction            

         Learn the purpose of this tutorial, what you need to use it, 
how to best use it, what Structured Text is, what Codesys is, and who uses Codesys.
2.  Hydraulics and Pneumatics                 
    	 Learn about 2-way, 4-way, momentary and maintained solenoid valves,
    	 cylinders, and how to create an ImagePool from custom images for
    	 Visualizations.  Then program solenoid valves,cylinders,and
    	 limit switches to control cylinders.
              3.  Spray Station
                  Use animation to move cars to a spray station via a conveyor, then
        spray the cars by pressing a pushbutton.
         Initially, spraying can occur at any time, whether a car is present or not.
         Modify the program so that
spraying can occur only when a car is under the sprayer,
         the conveyor stops when spraying occurs, and restarts when spraying is done.  Also, modify the program so that
         spraying occurs automatically for 3 seconds when you press the spray pushbutton and there is an indication that
         the sprayer is out of paint after 15 seconds of spraying so the sprayer can be refilled.


              4.  Conveyor Control                   

    	 Control a
      conveyor with three stations along the conveyor where the conveyor
      can be stopped.
         Initially, each stop station consists of a maintained switch.
Modify the program by replacing the
         maintained switches with momentary switches, and
by adding a pushbutton required to reset any stoppage of the conveyor. 
              5.  Stamping Station                   
 	 This exercise
      involves a stamping station where a part can be stamped
      multiple times.
         Initially, the part is stamped repeatedly when the Start pushbutton is pressed.
Modify the program by adding a counter
         so that the part is stamped only X times, and
add a thumbwheel switch
         so the operator can dial-in the number of times the part is to be stamped.

              6.  Inspection Station

                  Use animation to moves cars from left to right on a conveyor. Each time the Advance Car pushbutton
         is pressed, another car moves onto the conveyor. Initially, only the first car onto the conveyor
         can be marked to be sprayed with paint when it gets to the end of the line.
Modify the program with
         a shift register so that any number of cars coming onto the conveyor can be marked to be painted
         when they reach the end of the line.

              7 . Pressing Operation

	  Use Structured PLC Programming to design control for a pressing operation.  When the Start pushbutton is pressed,
a Position cylinder moves a part onto a Raise cylinder which raises the part so that it can be pressed by a Left
and Right cylinder. Modify the control as directed for a more efficient operation.


8.  LED Driver            

          Use a 1 dimensional array to drive a 7-segment LED from a 10 key keypad. 
          Then use a 2 dimensional array to drive the 7-segment LED.

               9.  Turret Machine

          Use Structured PLC Programming to design control for a turret machining operation.  When the Start pushbutton is pressed,
cylinders move a part to one of four positions for machining. Modify the control as directed for a more efficient operation.

              10.  Elevator                 

	  Use Structured PLC Programming to help design control for a simplified elevator.  After seeing how hall buttons can call the
elevator to the correct floor, modify the program to include call buttons in the elevator car. Learn about element layers in
 a Visualization, and how to group elements so they move in unison.


11. Traffic Lights


	  Use Structured PLC Programming to design control for four traffic lights at an intersection. Then modify
 the program to include a left turn signal that temporarily stops opposing traffic.

              12.  Car Wash

	  Use Structured PLC Programming and a multiplexer to design control for an automated car wash. Then modify the control so that
 the Soak cycle includes the Rinse solenoid, and modify it again to provide the option of a Two Soap cycle.

What you need to use this tutorial:

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