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Group Scheduler 2.0

Group Scheduler 2.0 helps you schedule  presenters, groups, locations and activities. Activities are entered on a weekly grid on a presenter, group, location, or activity schedule, and the other three schedules are built automatically. If a scheduling conflict occurs (i.e.: a presenter, group, or location is busy when you are trying to schedule it), the program alerts you. This program is designed for department heads, camp directors, seminar coordinators, or anyone who has to schedule multiple groups and presenters at different locations and times. 

A presenter can be a teacher, camp counselor, team leader, host, meeting chair, coach, tour guide, or anyone leading a group.
A group can be 1st graders, sophomores, calc I students, the choir, flute players, re-hab I, quarterbacks, or any group of people gathered together for a common purpose.
A location  can be a classroom, meeting room, area of an outdoor camp, building, city, or anywhere a group assembles for a particular activity.
An activity can be english 101, calc II, break-out session A, sailing, volleyball, nap-time, prayer meeting, budget meeting, or anything for which a group is gathering.

The picture below shows a schedule opened for a presenter.  The calendar is clickable so that activities can be scheduled on any date.

Presenter's schedule opened
          schedule open

The picture below show how the details of an activity are entered after an activity is clicked.

Details of an activity being edited

editing form

Group Scheduler 2.0 requires no installation on your computer.  Simply download the .zip file containing the program, unzip it, then double-click on Group Scheduler.exe to run the program.

Hardware/Software Requirements:

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