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Health Tracker

Health Tracker is a graphical health diary that tracks changes in your health.  Its intent is to reveal changes in your health that may be the result of a new prescription, over the counter drug, change in diet, change in exercise, change due to surgery, etc.  Due to the time it takes for some changes to take effect, it is often hard to determine if a health related change had a positive or negative effect on your health.

Each day (or less often if you want), enter how you feel and any health related changes that you made like a new prescription, new diet, change in exercise, etc.  Then the program graphs those changes so you can see the long term effect of the changes.

You may enter changes that effect your Physical health, Mental (Emotional) health, and Other health.  Use Other Health to track health issues like recurring headaches, knee replacement, hip replacement, spirituality changes, drug rehabilitation, bereavement, etc.

You do not have to enter data each day, but the more days you enter data,  the clearer will be the effect of each health related change.

Click HERE to view the Health Tracker Help file and see how the program works.

The picture below shows the Health Tracker data entry screen.

Health Tracker data entry screen


The picture below show graphs of data previously entered on a sample file.

Heath Tracker graphic data screen

Health Tracker requires no installation on your computer.  Simply download the .zip file containing the program, unzip it, then double-click on Health Tracker.exe to run the program.

Hardware/Software Requirements: