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PLC Simulator Ver. 10

Learn ladder logic and how to program PLCs in the comfort of your home. PLC Simulator 10 turns your PC into a PLC and has the look and feel of the most popular Allen- Bradley RSLogix instructions.  Everything you need is included in the program: the PLC Simulator, a Book of Exercises with 35 exercises, and 38 sample programs to teach you step-by-step how to control automated machinery using PLCs . Each exercise includes 1 or more sample programs and is written in  .html format so you can use your web browser to navigate them.

Here's a sample of what you'll learn:

PLC Simulator 10 has four screens of information:

Build your own machines on the Machine Layout screen (not just "canned" demos) and watch them move in response to the ladder logic you program. 

PLC Simulator 10 and the exercises are written by a Professional Engineer with 14 years industrial experience and 18 years experience teaching electrical engineering technology at the college level.


PLC Simulator Ver. 10

Program features include:

Inputs: Outputs:

Programmable Machine Components:

What the program does not do:

Hardware/Software Requirements: